Aman Aviation has taken voluntary lead, as a responsible company in the age of globalization, in compliance of social and ecological responsibility, for a better society and cleaner environment, through its business activities& policy implementation. Aman Aviation have explored that the impact on the economic, social and environmental sector directly affects their relationships with employees, customers& prospective investors.How a company perceives its societal responsibility depends on various factors such as the markets in which it operates, its business line and its size.

To Aman Aviation, the term Corporate Social Responsibility does not only refer to the compliance of human right standards, labor and social security arrangements, but also to the fight against climate change, sustainable management of natural resources & wellbeing of its employees and safety of its customers who are using helicopter. Although the prime goal of a company is to generate profits, companies can at the same time contribute to social and environmental objectives by integrating corporate social responsibility as a strategic investment into their business strategy.

A major challenge for companies today is attracting and retaining skilled workers. Within the company, socially responsible practices primarily involve employees and relate to issues such as investing in human capital, health and safety and managing change.

Aman Aviation CSR initiatives include :

A Carbon Neutral Company.

No use of child labour.

Equal opportunity employer.

Evaluating the impact on environment before starting each project.

Special Emhasises towards the safety and Wellbeing of the employees.