Improving Safety at work place

• Follow Good msaintenance Practices: AAC 3 of 2000.
• Human Factor Training to Maintenance staff
• Human Factor & crew Resource Management
• Training to Flight Crew
• Ramp Safety
• First Aid training
• Fire Drill training
• Recurrent Training
• Adherence to safety guidelines & enhancing safety during maintenance
• Safety circu


Annexe-1 : Personnel Licensing
Annexe-6 : Operation of Aircraft
Part I: Internationla Commercial Air Transports
PartII: International General Aviations
PartIII: International Operations:Helicopters
Annexe-8: Airworthiness of Aircraft
Annexe-14: Aerodromes
Annexe-18: Safe transport of Dangerous goods
Doc 9683: Human Factors
Doc 9376: Preperation of operations manual/ Training